KE Professionals Forum

3 August 2023

Call for nominations for Knowledge Exchange Professionals in mathematical sciences to form a UK-wide Knowledge Exchange Professionals Network

We invite KE Professionals (employed in a professional service role) working in Mathematical Sciences departments, or those outside such departments who support mathematical sciences KE activity, to join the KE Professionals’ Forum. The purpose of the forum will be to enable sharing of best practice, experience, and opportunities, helping those new to facilitating the interface between Mathematical Sciences departments and Business, Industry, and Government to learn from those with deep expertise and experience in mathematical sciences Knowledge Exchange.

The UK Knowledge Exchange Hub for Mathematical Sciences (KE Hub) has been developed as a response to the Bond “Era of Mathematics” review, which recommended that “a national centre in impactful mathematics for the UK should be created to work with industry and government to drive mathematical research through to commercialisation”. The KE Hub’s long-term aims are to (i) massively scale up KE activity in the UK, leveraging the experience of the mathematical sciences national infrastructure, (ii) connect together researchers, practitioners, end-users, and professionals into forums which interface with the various activities, (iii) support existing KE activity in the community whilst growing the network by nurturing untapped pools of researchers, practitioners, and end users, (iv) deliver activities through linked projects overseen by the executive team, and (v) coordinate support for mathematical science KE projects from beginning to end.

Through a series of linked projects the KE Hub will amplify the voice of practitioners and end-users, increase mobility, create capacity, develop skills, share good practice for low-risk, high-reward entry points in KE, and broker connections.

The KE Hub’s initial activities include establishing a KE Champions’ congress and a KE Professionals’ forum, offering seed funding for some KE activities, and providing easy-to-access signposting of opportunities to engage in KE activities, in order to benefit Mathematical Sciences departments across the UK. The Forum will be lead by a KE Hub Super Champion, its activities will compliment those of the academics in the KE Champions’ Congress.

Those wishing to join the KE Professionals’ Forum should contact the KE Hub’s Knowledge Exchange Manager (Rachael Harris;  and should include a short paragraph about their experience of facilitating mathematical sciences knowledge exchange.