KE Hub Triage Workshops

29 January 2024

KE Hub Triage Workshops

Do you have a current business or operational issue that might benefit from the insight provided by the fresh eyes of mathematical scientists? Would you like to draw on the UK’s academic mathematical sciences talent to help address your challenge, but don’t know who to ask? Are you unsure whether mathematical sciences approaches might help solve or explain your issue? Do you want to put in an Innovate UK grant application but don’t know who to partner with? If so, the KE Hub’s triage workshops provide a time-efficient vehicle for initial conversations to help figure these things out.

Your issue might be, for example,   

  • a physical process that isn’t working as expected; 
  • a process or operation that needs optimising; 
  • a data collection problem, where you need help with experimental design; 
  • a data analytics challenge; 
  • some mathematical component of one of your workflows that needs enhancing or speeding up. 
  • Engagement is welcomed and encouraged from organisations of all sizes, from all sectors, and with all levels of mathematical expertise (including none). 


KE Hub triage workshops are online scoping sessions that take place on Friday mornings that allow an organisation to discuss current challenges in an informal online setting with university-based mathematical scientists drawn from our academic partners across the UK. During each triage workshop, organisations have the opportunity to present a business or operational issue they are currently facing.

The environment is friendly and relaxed, promoting two-way interactive discussions to answer the following questions: 

    1. What, if any, mathematical sciences approaches can be used to address the challenge? 
    2. Who from the mathematical sciences community would like to take on the challenge? 
    3. What mechanisms are most appropriate for driving the challenge forward? 

Triage workshops take place in two parts: 

  • Part 1: Introduction to the challenge (10-11am) 

The organisation provides an overview of the challenge which is discussed in an interactive manner with all participants. Pre-prepared material by the organisation should last roughly 40 minutes, allowing ample time for interruptions, clarifications, and discussion. 

  • Part 2: Focussed discussion (up to 30 mins 11-1130am) 

Following a quick break to grab a drink, the challenge will normally then be discussed in more detail with those academics who might be interested in taking things further.  

Downstream actions might include further discussions, short projects at MSc, doctoral, or postdoctoral level, presentation at longer brainstorming meetings such as study groups, or consultancy. 

KE Hub Triage workshops are offered exclusively to members of our Business, Industry and Government (B.I.G) Partnership. Click here to check if your organisation is already a member. If your organisation is not currently a member, you can sign up for free here.   

Each partner may propose one triage workshop per year for free. To register your interest in presenting your challenge at a triage workshop, please fill out this short form. If you have any questions, please email, talk to your KE Hub relationship manager, or contact the triage workshop organisers Dr Diwei Zhou ( and Dr Lauren Hyndman ( directly.

KE Hub triage workshops build on the success of similar events run by the University of Oxford. Past workshops in that series may be found here. The list of past and future KE Hub triage workshops can be found here