Funding call: Mathematics for Humanity

20 March 2024

The International Centre for Mathematical Sciences (ICMS) is pleased to invite a new round of applications to the Mathematics for Humanity programme.

This scheme is designed to support activities that that aim to contribute to the betterment of society, revolving around three inter-related themes:

  • Integrating the global research community
  • Mathematical challenges for humanity
  • Global history of mathematics

Worldwide activities

Thanks to a generous donation from XTX Markets, under this programme the ICMS is now able to fund international activities taking place at any location in the world, as well as our usual offering of supporting events in the UK or online.

Knowledge Exchange for Humanity: Collaboration Between Academia and External Partners with a Commitment to Human Welfare

The ICMS is delighted to launch a new funding stream dedicated to supporting knowledge exchange activities that relate to the themes of the Mathematics for Humanity programme. Activities can take a variety of formats and should form a collaboration between academia and external partners with a commitment to human welfare. For more information, visit their webpage. If you are interested in applying to this programme, please just get in touch with them:

Minhyong Kim, Scientific Director ( Jane Walker, Centre Manager ( Lauren Hyndman, Knowledge Exchange Manager (

They would love to hear your ideas!