KE Hub Triage Workshop special: ESGI 180 livestream – 28 June

14 June 2024

We are very pleased to present a special ESGI 180 livestream event that will take place at the University of Birmingham on 28 June.

ESGI 180 is this year’s UK European Study Group with Industry. These started in Oxford in 1968 and there are now several workshops held annually across Europe, with the UK hosting one every year. ESGI is well-established and internationally recognised, and these study groups attract international mathematical scientists from a wide range of backgrounds and career stages, from PhD students to professors.

Study groups are a popular knowledge exchange activity in the mathematical sciences. These are multi-day workshops where academics work collaboratively towards practical solutions to real challenges. At the start of the study group, several external partners present challenges they are currently facing. The participants then split into teams and work intensively towards solving these challenges, with each team delivering a presentation on their progress at the end of the study group.

Join us for a special edition in the KE Hub Triage Workshop series, where we will broadcast the final ESGI 180 session to our member departments. This is a great opportunity for those of you who were not able to attend the UK ESGI this year to listen to each team’s final presentations, and for those of you who have never attended before to witness how much progress can be made during a study group.

More details and a link will be sent out via your KE Champion. Please contact with any questions.