KE for Pure Mathematicians online event – 25 July

3 July 2024

The KE Hub has organised a Knowledge Exchange for Pure Mathematicians event, which will take place online on Thursday 25th July. The event is open to all UK-based mathematical scientists and we encourage pure mathematicians including doctoral students, especially those who are KE-curious, to attend. The event will start at 0915 and finish at 1400.

We live in exciting mathematical times. Areas of mathematics previously thought of as being ‘pure’ such as number theory, graph theory, algebraic geometry, and topology are increasingly finding applications in business, industry and government. At the same time the rapid advances in ‘applied areas’ such machine learning, information theory, stochastic systems, and mathematical modelling, largely driven by the hi-tech (computer/data based) industries, as well as by security, and finance, are leading to big challenges in pure mathematics. The ‘division’ between pure and applied mathematics (if it ever really existed) is becoming increasingly blurred.

At this event, we will explore how the natural problem-solving skills of pure mathematicians have been brought to bear on real-world challenges, and find out first-hand how abstract mathematics has been harnessed for the benefit of UK PLC. We will see examples of where working in teams means that challenges reach pure mathematicians and pure mathematicians reach challenges, since business, industry, and government do not usually offer problems ready formulated for a particular pure mathematical approach. We hope the event will be lively and inspiring.

The confirmed speakers are:

*Professor Simon Blackburn (Royal Holloway): Pure maths underpins NIST standardisation

*Professor Terry Lyons FRS (Oxford): Data science hates symmetry

*Professor Ulrike Tillmann FRS (Cambridge): Utilising the shape of data

*Professor Collin Bleak (St Andrews): Tropical geometry and the banking crisis

*Dr Jessica Jay (Bristol): Pure Mathematicians and National Security

Please register here. For more information, please contact