Business, Industry & Government

The UK’s Knowledge Exchange Hub for Mathematical Sciences (KE Hub) has been established to facilitate connections with university-based mathematical scientists from across the country, and enable business (including charities), industry, and government departments to benefit from the power of cutting-edge mathematical ideas. We welcome engagement with all sizes of companies, all sectors, and all levels of mathematical expertise. The KE Hub is an outward-facing inclusive organisation that facilitates the sharing of knowledge, expertise, and ideas between universities and non-academic partners. It coordinates the most-appropriate UK-wide talent in the mathematical sciences to collaborate on challenges arising in business, industry, and government for the mutual benefit of all parties. To help facilitate these collaborations, the KE Hub has established a large network of Knowledge Exchange Champions based in university mathematical sciences departments.

Mathematical sciences can be used to attack a myriad of real-world challenges, for example, to gain insight and understanding of a process, to gain a qualitative or quantitative prediction of how something will work, to optimise a process, to provide a safe and cheap way to experiment with change, to understand trends in data, to test worse-case scenarios, and to give results in situations where off-the-shelf computational tools fail.

The broader aims of the KE Hub can be found here. Opportunities that may be of specific interest to your organisation that harness the power of our university partners across the UK include:

* Triaging workshops, to scope out whether mathematical sciences can help move your challenges forward and to identify suitable academic partners to develop collaborative research projects;
* Brokerage of short-term research projects focused on well-defined challenges that may be investigated by researchers at undergraduate, MSc, doctoral and post-doctoral level, or through consultancies;
* Long-term collaboration with mathematical scientists, focused on your strategic business challenges;
* Networking events, to provide the opportunity to engage with mathematical scientists as well as other company-based specialists facing similar challenges.

We very much hope that your organisation will chose to join our Business, Industry and Government Partnership to enable you to benefit from activities, events, and opportunities organised by the KE Hub. To join the partnership, please nominate a company contact for us to engage with (and send relevant opportunities to) by completing this form.