Funding for KE Research

Date and Time: 16 May 2024, 1400-1700

Short Description

This online course looks into funding for KE research, with individual sessions focusing on the funding landscape and deep dives into specific funding schemes. Issues surrounding intellectual property and integrating KE and impact throughout an application will also be considered. The course is primarily aimed at KE Champions; however, faculty members and KE Professionals are welcome to attend if space permits. A small amount of pre-course reading will be assigned.

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Location: Online

Capacity: 15 people

Deadline for Applications: 6 May 2024

Notification Date: 10 May 2024

KE for Postgraduates

Dates and Times: 29 May 2024, 31 May 2024, 0930-1630.
Short Description
This highly-participative short course covers the essentials of good knowledge exchange in the mathematical sciences. It focusses on developing skills relevant to the whole process of using mathematics to solve real-world problems, including: problem formulation; active listening; effective communication; and expectation management. It will also cover how to present your results and conclusions to a non-specialist audience in a clear and persuasive way.


In this course, participants will learn about how knowledge exchange happens in practice. We will discuss the various mechanisms by which this can occur such as Study Groups with Industry, collaborative projects, and internships, using examples drawn from our own experience. We will also briefly cover the preliminary step of convincing an industrial problem owner that it is worthwhile discussing their problem with a mathematician.


The material will be taught using a combination of short seminars, group work exercises, discussion, and guest talks by practitioners with experience of working in both industrial and academic environments. The group work exercises will take the form of problem-based case studies, for instance: summarising the key messages from reports of successful engagements with industry; investigating a dataset and presenting the actionable conclusions of that analysis; and pitching for further work.


A small amount of pre-course reading will be issued in advance.


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30 people
Deadline for Applications
01 May 2024
Notification Date
15 May 2024